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Ice bath in the Norwegian sea and eat lunch
on the farm

Winter swimming in the Norwegian Sea is an exotic experience and gives a great feeling of well-being. This is an activity that has become more common among Norwegians, and is a passion for some. The activity is said to be beneficial to health in several ways.
It's also cool to have it on your travel cv.
In our activity package - "swim in the Norwegian sea and eat lunch on the farm" is led by our guide, activity leader at the farm.
Our pleasant, wood-fired sauna stands by the beach and is very inviting when you come up from the cold sea. There you will be served a cold drink, and you will be given warm towels that you can sit on and fool around in. When the session down by the sea and in the sauna, which takes about 60 minutes, is over, you are welcome up to the restaurant on the farm, where we serve you a wonderful homemade lunch and a hot drink. You are also welcome to greet the animals on the farm during your stay.
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