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Accommodation by Yggdrasiltunet family hotel


Yggdrasiltunet is situated above the old settlement on the farm and consists of a number of new buildings.
The main house is located on the hillside, with beautiful views. In this house there is reception, restaurant, shower and living room. Here is the outlet of local art and other handmade items.
The rooms are in cabins encircled by the main house. We have three types of rooms to choose from. One of our rooms is called modern Viking living. This is a room close to where the animals are staying. There are sheep and horses right outside the window and this gives a very special atmosphere. We have four rooms in free standing wooden cabins. These are cozy rooms with Norwegian interiors. The rest of our rooms are in a new and modern hotel building. All rooms are modern and decorated with warm Norwegian home-style.


The main house is in the middle of the yard and is a common living room for all our guests. This is often an arena for new acquaintances and pleasant meetings, between guests around the world.
In this house you can enjoy a better meal in our restaurant - Kafe` polar - I have the name from my grandmother's cafe and guest house, which was established  in Tromsø in the 1940s. Like that time, we serve home-cooked food, but we also serve dishes inspired by other cultures.
We have food service every day throughout the year and there is also the possibility to have dinner if you are not a guest at the hotel but just want to visit our restaurant. Guests visiting us for dining must order the meal no later than eight hours before serving.
We serve organic food, vegetarian food and raw food, paying great importance to the presence and service.

Welcome to a hotel stay, a little out of the ordinary

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