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Yggdrasil farm cafe

and restaurant


We are proud of our kitchen at Yggdrasiltunet Gårdshotell, here you only get real homemade food from good Norwegian ingredients. We emphasize the Northern Norwegian food tradition and the history of this.


We make all food from good ingredients, meat and fish are produced by the farm. We cook from scratch and are proud to serve Norwegian, traditional homemade food, but we are also pleased to offer tasty vegetarian food and raw food. Our kitchen is not a regular kitchen as in a traditional restaurant. We have no quick mass production of food but spend time producing special products. We make food just like my grandmother made the food in her kitchen. We have a menu based on Norwegian dinner dishes, which are especially related to North Norwegian traditions. We want to give you a taste of Norway and Norwegian culture We serve only one dish per day.

If you want vegetarian food, or you have allergies, contact us

Dinner for arrival day must be ordered before arrival 

Table reservation + 47 91156883

Home made
Norwegian food
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