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Yggdrasiltunet hotel is located on an island called Kvaløya.

Yggdrasiltunet lies north of the Arctic Circle - and right in the auroral zone, which circles the magnetic North Pole.

If you want to experience this amazing natural phenomenon in the sky, this is a good place to go.

When fall and darkness come to northern Norway, the circumstances are perfect for observing the Northern Lights, if the weather is clear and the sun's activity provides the right conditions. It can manifest itself in many forms, colors and speeds of variations.

Yggdrasiltunet is the perfect place to experience the northern lights because there is no light pollution and the surrounding nature creates a beautiful frame for the experience. A truly fascinating and breathtaking adventure in the earths encounter with outer space. You have no need to book guided tours to see the Northern Lights. With a stay at Yggdrasiltunet you can enjoy the northern lights right outside your cabin. Or you can go up to our northern lights camp in the mountains. With snow shoes it takes about 40 minutes to go to the tent. In the tent we have a wood burning stove, bed and chairs. Outside the tent we can make a special atmosphere with wood fired bonfire and serve you hot chocolate, hot sausages and snacks.

Many of our guests have given feedback that they appreciate being able to go into the main house to take a nice cup of tea, edit images, send photos and info to friends.

Welcome to a pleasant stay

Northern lights watcing

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