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 Yggdrasil spaa  


It's a magical feeling to sit in the outdoor hot bubbling water when it's winter and snow, and the northern lights dance in the sky.

It is also equally magical to enjoy a northern Norwegian summer night in the same jaccucci when it is as bright at night as during the daytime.

When the bathtime is over, you can enjoy the quiet and warmth in our cozy barbecue cabin.

Where you can order a varm and good soup and look into the flames and enjoy your life and your holiday.

The hot tub is located by the sea and is filled with heated seawater. Our Jaccucci is filled with heated fresh water, and is located on the top of a roof, close to the rooms, the barbecue room and the sauna. The Jacuzzi is always heated and available, and can be hired by our guests. There is also  possibility to buy activities for our day's guests. 

The hot tub at the lake needs special order as it is heated by wood burning, It costs a little more, because it takes several hours to get it heated. 

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