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Get a peek into the life with huskies trough our day-trips


Dogsledding day-trip

Welcome to Kvaløya Husky, a place where you get to experience the arctic lifestyle with our crew and 41 Alaskan Huskies. The kennel is located in Straumsbukta a 45-minute drive from Tromsø centre. During your visit you will get to see our dogyard, greet our excited dogs, hang out in our lavvo and be your own musher learning the ways of dogsledding.


By being a musher, you will feel the strength of a powerful team, where your dogs will take you through beautiful landscape filled with trees, creeks and tall mountains. This is excactly the kind of quality time our dogs want to spend with you, sharing the adventure. While sledding you have to keep your eyes open for reindeer, moose, fox, snow grouse, eagles and more.


In our dogyard we have a combination of young, old, playful, retrieving and calm dogs. We want to introduce you to our dogs, tell you about how we care for them in the form of grooming, love, food and animal welfare.


Before the sledding we will give you instructions so you can help set up your team and prepare you to be your own musher.


Each sled holds two people, so you can alternate between being the musher and passenger. The sled ride will take between 45 minutes to 1 hour depending on the conditions. It will have a calm and comfortable pace, making it exceptional for both adults and children. If there is a lack of snow we offer the trip using our wagons.

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