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Guided tour to the mountain cabin

We guide you, directly from the hotel, up to a fantastic lookout point to see the northern lights, but also to be in the pure nature of Northern Norway. The trip goes to our cozy Norwegian cabin, which has windows in the roof, campfire and makes the nature experience extra special.

We make sausage on the fire, drink Norwegian hiking drink, and eat typical Norwegian chocolate in front of the fire.  This is not a full dinner, but an evening snack, so we recommend that you eat a meal earlier in the evening. 

It is not recommended to start the trip on an empty stomach

This is a typical Norwegian activity, and a very pleasant experience. We go up to the cabin wearing snowshoes, and the trip up to the cabin takes about 30 minutes. the bonus of the trip is if we can see the northern lights dancing in the sky.

And if the weather is good and there are no clouds in the sky, there is a great possibility of seeing it

The trip takes about 2 hours.

Limited number of people per day, so book your trip before arrival, then you have something nice to look forward to.

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