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Visit the animals on the farm

A day at Yggdrasiltunet's farm cafe and open farm is a pleasant activity for the whole family.

Here you can enjoy home-baked cakes and delicious lunch dishes, enjoy your friends and family, enjoy the views and the atmosphere of the country.

We sell beautiful handmade products of wool, ceramics, wood, soaps and oils.


Come visit us, you can also meet all our cozy animals.

We have the world's nicest and most cuddly sheep and lambs, who greatly appreciate human contact and come jumping to you when you show their interest. Sheep are really charming animals, and old Norwegian sheep are especially nice and beautiful to look at.

Aries Verner is a stately guy who loves to be scratched under chin. In May, there is paralysis, and it is especially nice to visit the farm this time

We also have four lovely pleasant goats. They get a bit in the spring, a little earlier a sheep, so in the spring and summer we have many playful and fun goat kids jumping around in the yard.

We have cute soft rabbits that are cozy to hold in the lap and hens that roam the farm, eat and enjoy themselves, to make tasty and nutritious eggs for us.

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