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Samina sleep system at Yggdrasil

Smooth and supple sheep's wool is your crowning glory
SAMINA sleep experience.

If you want to try out Samina's products, you can do so with us at Yggdrasiltunet.

In one of our rooms we have a complete set of bed, bed linen and from the autumn also the grounding system for Samina. If you are interested in contacting a dealer who can provide you with more information, but also an offer for the products and a stay at Yggdrasiltunet to try out the system, please contact

Fine-tuning Kurt Bühler


SAMINA sleep system

Four components for maximum regenerative sleep

Our body is a complex structure: Skin, connective tissue, muscles, bone structures, nerves - different layers that interact and work with each other. Sleep is a natural regeneration process that is necessary to maintain the full functionality of this structure in the long term - and to keep us healthy.

The SAMINA sleep system consists of four components that are perfectly balanced and make your sleep as regenerative and healthy as possible. From the first night.

SAMINA natural rubber mattress

The SAMINA natural rubber mattress is made from 100 percent sustainably sourced rubber latex. The material has excellent rebound properties and high point elasticity. This means: It gives way exactly where the body exerts pressure - and takes off. It provides support wherever no pressure is applied. As a result, the mattress not only enhances the effect of the SAMINA back support slats: the muscles relax and the spine is in an orthopedically correct position. It also ensures that venous and arterial blood circulation is not restricted during sleep.


Climate regulating and bioactive:
SAMINA sheep's wool mattress topper
Duvets and pillows

SAMINA sheep's wool top gives you perfect sleep: cozy and warm in winter, and nice and cool in summer. Sheep wool regulates humidity, has antibacterial properties and excellent self-cleaning capacity. It is also 100 percent organic. Due to the dry heat, dust mites are deprived of their livelihood. This is also why pure wool is the best material for allergy sufferers.

The SAMINA range of accessories
Bioactive blankets and orthopedic pillows, filled with untreated, smooth and supple sheep's wool, are the crowning glory of your SAMINA sleep experience.

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