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Yggdrasil farm hotel is a private hotel where we offer rooms for a maximum of 20 guests.

All rooms have a good standard and a private bathroom. The hotel is new and has a delicate and pleasant interior

Eight of these have a double bed, but two of the rooms are in cabins, have wide single beds spread over two rooms.
It is the same standard in all rooms, the price difference is due to the view and the size of the room. The hotel is in the middle of beautiful nature, so all rooms have a lovely view, but separates between sea, mountain and forest views.
All rooms include breakfast

Activities must be booked and are not included in the room price.

In our spa area you can enjoy a hot bath and sauna. Our most popular activity now is sea bathing and sauna.


Yggdrasil wants to create a setting for a combined relaxing and active holiday. Our hotel is located in the middle of a landscape that offers many hiking opportunities, and indoors it is possible to practice yoga and meditation

We serve homemade Norwegian dinner every day.
In the heart of the hotel you will find our cozy fireplace lounge/bar. There you will find good deep chairs, a fantastic view and we serve you good hot and cold drinks.

The hotel is part of a farm, where we have old Norwegian sheep, goats, chickens and horses. There is also a dog and a cat on the farm. The animals and the farm provide a pleasant setting for our concept and are a theme that shines through everything we do

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