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For 2 persons

  • 2 timer
  • 500 norske kroner
  • Leirstrandveien 1557


Our spa facility is located in the middle of the yard, at the height of a roof with a fantastic view over the fjord. Jacuzzi and sauna are located right next to each other. We also have a sauna located down by the sea. It offers the possibility of combined sea bathing and a hot sauna. Jaccuzzi and sauna in the spa complex are rented out privately, but the sauna by the sea is rented out per person, and there is room for a maximum of 6 people. Price for up to two people is NOK 500 After that, it is NOK 250 for each person for the jacuzzi and sauna in the spa area, it is possible to book a maximum of 2 people online. For larger groups, contact the hotel -

Kommende økter


  • Yggdrasil Hotel, Leirstrandvegen, Straumsbukta, Norge


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